About Us

Tip-top Au Pairs is an au pair recruitment agency operating in Johannesburg, South Africa. We assist families all over South Africa to find great au pairs in their areas.

Who We Are

 The Tip-top recruitment team consists of a small group of people who are qualified in psychology and communications (among others), as well as having years of experience with au pairing, tutoring, teaching and daycare. We are dedicated to helping families find amazing au pairs that suit each family’s individual needs. We are a highly qualified, small agency. We sometimes take on fewer clients in order to be able to provide those we have with a quality experience.

Our Story

Our agency has been in operation since January 2016. Since then, we have interviewed over 700 au pairs, and placed 300+ of them with famlies needing an extra hand. In doing so, we have created many prescious ‘big-sister’ relationships, and saved countless mommies and daddies from going insane. 😉

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

Children, being our most valuable assets, deserve our attention and a real effort to invest into their lives. We are proud to say that in our business, it is truly all about the children.

As a parent, we understand that your child means everything to you. We know that you want only the best for your child, and if you could, you would spend a hundred percent of your time and effort investing into your child’s care and happiness. But life happens, mommies have to work too and sometimes they need a bit of ‘me-time’ just so they don’t go completely crazy! In our opinion, an au pair is so much more than a caretaker. Children deserve to have their needs met on all different levels including emotional, cognitive, educational and physical levels. They need to feel that they have someone they can trust to be there for them and take interest in their lives and the things that are important to them – someone who can celebrate with them and be a shoulder to cry on when they’ve had a bad day at school. From a parent’s perspective, we know that mommies and daddies also need that person they can rely on one hundred percent of the time. You need them to take their responsibilities seriously, yet being willing to run around on the lawn when that’s what your child needs. You want them to create opportunities to stimulate your child mentally. So don’t just pick anyone. Let us assist you in finding the right person.