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Welcome prospective au pairs! 🙂

Here you can find information about our requirements, how to register, as well as answers to your frequently asked questions.

Our requirements are:

12 months child-related experience

Matric (or equivalent) certificate

Driver's License

Your own car

19 - 35 years

Valid ID / Passport & work permit

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to register with Tip-top?
We have a once-off registration fee of R150, which you can pay when you come for an interview (we do take cards).
How long does it take to find a job?
That depends on your age, experience, geographical area and the salary you are looking to earn. If your salary requirement is over R7000, it will take longer. If you are willing to drive to areas like Sandton and Randburg, you will most likely find a job faster. If you are younger than 23, it may take a little longer. Parents can be quite fussy about age. Generally it takes about 2 weeks – 2 months to find a position.
What sort of duties to au pairs do?
General duties include driving, assisting with homework, taking children to extra mural activities, playdates and outings. If you can entertain the children in fun and educational ways, parents will like you! This could include baking, sports activities and educational games. Sometimes au pairs are also required to do some cooking, but not always. Some au pairs also care for babies.
How can I better my chances of getting an interview at Tip-top?
Your best bet is to fill in the application form as comprehensively as possible. Don’t leave out any relevant questions and make sure you attach a photo. Being willing to work in more areas also betters your chances. If your salary expectation is too high, you have a slim chance of being picked.
Do I need reference letters to apply?
You don’t need any letters, although if you do have them, you should send them to us. What you do need is at least one working contact number for someone who can give you a telephonic reference.
Do I need a car to be an au pair?
YES. Driving kids around will be one of your main duties.
How do I become an au pair? Do I need a qualification?
No, the only qualification you need is matric. Other than that, you need to have experience working with children for at least 12 months, a driver’s license, and a car.
What if I don't have experience?
If you would like to become and au pair but you have no experience, we recommend volunteering to help out at a local nursery school, day care, or orphanage, or getting involved in a community project with children. Once you have built up some experience and you’re able to get a reference from someone, you can apply with us.
Does experience within my family & friends count?
Unfortunately not. You will need to have some formal experience as well as a contact number for your reference.
Should I do a first aid course?
Yes! It’s great to have first aid knowledge when you’re and au pair. You definitely don’t want to be stuck not knowing what to do in a life-or-death situation. Having first aid is not a requirement of ours, but we do highly recommend it.