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Charne is a promising young lady who has had over four years of experience working with children as an au pair and a teacher. She has a bright future ahead of her and is currently studying child nutrition. Charne is also interested in studying occupational therapy in the future. Her adaptable nature and open-mindedness enable her to adapt quickly to new environments and cultures. She is dedicated to carrying out the wishes of parents in all situations and is always willing to defer to their ways of doing things.

Charne enjoys having fun with children and participating in various activities and outings with them. She has a variety of interests including arts & crafts, baking, swimming, playing sports outside (whatever sport the children prefer), and going to places like the zoo, the movies, restaurants, museums, trampoline parks, and playgrounds. Her former employer, who wrote her reference letter, praised her honesty, dependability, and impressive work ethic. They described her as smart and always up for a challenge, able to jump into any situation and adapt to her environment with ease.

After meeting Charne, there is no doubt that she will live up to the expectations of any family and become an integral part of their lives. Charne is excited about the prospect of becoming an au pair and looks forward to working with children of all ages. We are happy to recommend her for any au pair position available, confident that she will make a positive impact on any family she works with.

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