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About Chrisna

Chrisna is an amazing young lady with a love for children and the family environment in general. She describes her previous positions with much fondness and endearment. She is the type of person who likes to form close, trusting bonds with the children under her care and the family as a whole. Since her mother has had her own daycare for Chrisna’s entire life, she has grown up in an environment involving frequent interaction with children. She started caring for and interacting with kids from a young age, and has learned much from her own mother as well as through her experience as an au pair both locally and abroad.

Chrisna loves ‘becoming part of the family’ and being that person a child can rely on or come to with anything. Being part of the daily ups and downs as well as the children’s successes over time is very rewarding to her, and she loves to play a supportive and encouraging role when it comes to the children’s aspirations and interests. During spare time Chrisna tend to encourage the kids to be active and do outdoor activities, if possible, such as playing in the garden, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, or going to the park. She also enjoys creative activities of which her favourite is baking with the children.

A previous employer had the following to say about Chrisna: “Chrisna was a fantastic Au Pair. Her love of working with children was clear to anyone who observed her… She was proactive in planning activities and always reliable and prompt. We all miss Chrisna tremendously, as her upbeat nature and kind personality made her a joy to be around.” Due to the above, we are confident that Chrisna will continue to be a fine au pair and gladly put her forward as an au pair with Tip-top Au Pairs.

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