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Ford Wildtrak, 2017

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Afrikaans, Zulu
About Michaela

Michaela’s passion for working with children is evident through her various experiences as a teaching assistant, Sunday school assistant, and tutor/au pair. During her interview, Michaela spoke fondly of these experiences and demonstrated her commitment to helping those under her care. Her friendly nature and outgoing personality make her approachable to both children and parents, allowing her to cultivate young minds in a compassionate way.

In addition to her positive qualities, Michaela approaches all of her interactions with an open mind and humility, allowing her to continuously learn and expand her skillset. She places a strong emphasis on cultivating family values and creating a familial environment with her students. Michaela understands the importance of positive role models and strives to guide and help children through leading by example. Her compassion and ability to relate to children on their level make her a dependable and approachable figure.

Despite facing personal hardships and obstacles, Michaela has not allowed them to affect her professional life. Instead, she has applied the lessons gained from her experiences in a constructive manner, approaching difficult situations with empathy and perspective. Michaela has shown that she is capable of managing various responsibilities without compromising her efforts in both her personal and professional endeavors.

Michaela’s commitment to working with children and helping them reach their full potential comes from a sincere desire to enact positive change in the lives of those around her. Her warmth and enthusiasm are infectious and she would undoubtedly be an asset to any family.

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