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Renault Megane, 2004

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About Zuleika

Zuleika’s warm and open personality was immediately evident during our meeting with her. She displayed a natural affinity for children and an ability to easily connect with them. Zuleika’s calm and patient demeanour would undoubtedly make her a valuable asset in any household with children.

Despite being uncertain about her future plans, Zuleika’s passion for working as an au pair is undeniable. Her years of experience working with children have given her an understanding of what is required to keep children stimulated and entertained. Zuleika is confident in her ability to assist children with their academic needs throughout their primary school years.

Zuleika’s love for children extends beyond her professional duties, and she enjoys spending her free time engaging in various activities with them. She has a wide range of interests, including arts and crafts, board games, swimming, outside sports, puzzles, and imaginative play. She also loves to cook and is eager to involve children in the kitchen, fostering a sense of independence and creativity.

Zuleika’s passion for caring for children is evident in her au pair application, where she describes how her passion has grown since her teenage years. Her dedication to working with children is further demonstrated by her willingness to commit to at least two years as an au pair. We are confident that Zuleika’s enthusiasm and passion for working with children will make her a valuable and dependable addition to any family. We highly recommend her for any au pair position.

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