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What is an au pair?

Find out exactly what it means to have an au pair in the South African context.

How to interview your au pair

Find out which questions to ask and what to look for.

Au Pair, Tutor, Driver or Nanny? Which one is right for you?

When looking for a helper for your family, the number one thing to start off with is knowing your family’s needs. Hiring someone who is a good fit for your family’s unique needs and specific situation is really very important, and could save you money in the end.

TAX and UIF for your Au Pair

So finally the answer to the question that so many families who have au pairs want to know: Should I deduct tax from my au pair’s salary, and how does it work? And the answer is – if your au pair earns more than R6250 per month – YES!

What is an Au Pair?

Perhaps you are considering getting an au pair, but you are not sure exactly what an au pair is or what you can expect from one. If so, this article is for you!

Keeping a Happy & Healthy Relationship with your Au Pair

Keeping a healthy relationship with your au pair is the single most important thing after picking the right one. You definitely want your au pair to stay, and you want your children to have a fair chance of building a trusting relationship with her.

How to Interview Your Au Pair

Interviewing a possible au pair candidate is a fun and exciting time in the process of finding the right au pair for your family. A few important things to take note of before you begin…

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