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We found Zandile to have a friendly and warm personality. She is polite and seems quite professional. It was immediately evident that helping children to learn is something she is very passionate about, and therefore she is currently studies Early Childhood Development part-time. She also has a soft spot for children in difficult situations, and eventually in future, she would like to open a crèche for homeless children. Zandile is a little older than most au pair and as such she is quite mature and takes her work and career seriously. She believes that one must remain focused when considering something as significant as a child’s future. She also realises that different children respond differently to certain types of reinforcement and she will adapt her strategy to suit the particular child she is dealing with. Zandile enjoys fun activities with children such as: board games, baking, reading out loud, educational games, singing, dancing, and going on picnics, to the zoo, and to historically significant places (museums, etc), if parents will allow it. Her willingness to work hard, commit herself fully to an au pair job, and her sense of responsibility convince us that she will be a valuable asset to the family who employs her. We are quite happy to recommend her for any au pair position.


Very friendly, warm and talkative
Good communicator
Organised and values cleanliness
Responsible and dedicated
Likes to focus on healthy eating and living
Pays attention to detail
Good time management


Can be somewhat straightforward
Is working on overcoming her fear of driving and has booked an appointment to do her learner’s license


Currently Studying?

Yes, BEd in Foundation Phase Education and ECD at UNISA

Adult Basic Education and Training (certificate)

UNISA, 2016