Your complete guide to au pair salaries and agency fees.

Au Pair Salary Guidelines

How to use the salary guidelines table:


Salaries correspond to the number of hours the au pair is requested to work per week, but also vary based on the level of candidate you want and the number of children that require care.


If you are looking for a fast placement, choose the upper end of the salary spectrum.


For salaries below R9000 per month, only junior candidates are likely to be interested.


If you would like to see more CVs, or want more candidates to choose from, you should opt for the upper end of the spectrum.


Au pairs over the age of 25 are rare, and such candidates are not likely to be interested in positions offering less than R12 000 per month.


Petrol used during working hours should be reimbursed on top of the monthly salary.

Hours of Work per Week
Monthly Salary
minimum R6 500
12 - 15
R6 500 - R8 000
15 - 20
R7 500 - R9 000
20 - 25
R8 000 - R10 000
25 - 30
R9 000 - R15 000
R14 000 - R20 000

Agency Placement Fees

Open-ended & Permanent Placements

Length of Placement
Agency Fee Calculation
12+ months
12% of annual salary

Important. All our permanent placements come with a 60-day guarantee period during which you can exchange your au pair for another one if it turns out you are not happy with your first choice. If you would like to book a few trial days before committing, talk to us. We will help you determine how many days you need and give you a quote.

Fixed-term Placements

Note that all percentages are based on the total earnings of the au pair over the period of the placement.

Length of Placement
Agency Fee Calculation
0 - 3 months
25% (minimum R3100)
4 - 6 months
7 - 11 months