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About Bea

Bea’s strength lies in her people-oriented personality, reflected in her upbeat and approachable demeanour. Although she may not have as much formal experience as some other au pairs, her past experience with children aged between three and twelve years, where she worked as an au pair and ballet assistant, has provided her with the necessary skills to handle the job. Her willingness to learn and grow her own skillset makes up for her lack of formal experience.

Bea’s ability to express herself in a respectful yet assertive manner is commendable, and it enables her to communicate effectively and productively with others. She can maintain organisation in her personal life and remain flexible in the face of emergencies and changes in her routine, thanks to her light-hearted yet focused attitude, which helps her manage stressful situations. Her open-mindedness and willingness to seek growth and learning in every aspect of life make her highly skilled at engaging with children, while her humility allows her to interact with children on their level, cultivating a relationship founded on mutual respect and trust.

Bea’s empathetic nature enables her to respond to difficult behaviour in children with patience, as evidenced by her past experience as an au pair, where she worked with a neurodiverse individual, demonstrating her supportive nature. She takes joy in assisting children with navigating new challenges and encourages out-of-the-box thinking in the children under her care, appreciating creativity. Her love for physical activities and her passion for inspiring children to learn through various mediums make her an excellent candidate for any family seeking an au pair who is responsible and hardworking.

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